Reasons Dell Servers Are Leaders In The Market

Dell servers, particularly PowerEdge lineup, have a solid reputation thanks to their reliability. It is mainly used as a selling point in many circles. For instance, dell poweredge r710 is one of the best on the market. However, bottom line is that a serious server ought to perform reliably and be stable. This explains why reliability is considered as the bare minimum requirement for a company IT department. There are five reasons Dell servers are regarded as the best currently on the market.

Benefits of dell servers

Remote hardware management

tg2w3ed72wued8i22Each department and office understand the advantages of remote management. In fact, it is an area where very few competitors can compete on the same playing field. The good thing about Dell servers is that they have a superior hardware that can be configured in a broad range of ways whether online or offline.

ISO loading, virtual discs, IP assignments, user management, networking configuration files, and software management are some of the tasks that can be done remotely. This makes the process of managing a data center an easy task. This means that anyone even with minimal experience can handle it.

Hardware design

They have an excellent hardware design. Although any company can build a server that looks great, this does not mean that it can run well internally. In fact, limited air flow is another serious problem that can affect your server. Dell servers have a history of the high-ventilation designs, low-speed/low noise fans.

Easy upgrades

You should note that not all hardware designers and OEMs tend to make their solutions easy to upgrade and maintain. Dell servers are easy to work with and easy to upgrade. This is one of the factors that most people overlook. It might appear to be a simple thing to praise, but in the case of downtime, server upgrades can be quite costly. Remember that each second counts and none want to look for custom tools other than hard drive enclosure to access memory bank when the system is down.

Online restoration

tg2wedc6hwed2i22Dell servers are backed up with the serial-number based tools on the online site, which include latest versions of the software. Thus, they come with an operating system pre-patched. When hardware fails, it is necessary to know that hours of rebooting and patching are not part of the solution.

Difficult to beat the price

Dell servers are very competitive as far as pricing is concerned. There are very few competitors that provide lower prices with same hard drive configurations, CPU, and memory.